School Safety

Harassment and Bullying

The safety and security of our students is our top priority. Harassment, bullying, and other activities that create an environment that is unsafe will not be tolerated. Physical violence is unacceptable, but so are attacks on a student's character or reputation. This includes, but is not limited to shaming, rumor spreading, hating, trolling, doxing, or other incredibly hurtful behavior that can happen online. Even though these actions often take place off campus, if they affect our students at school, we will get involved. Bullying will not be tolerated at LeyVa Middle School. Words, looks, and/or gestures that result in making someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe will be considered harassment. This includes actions and comments directed at ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and physical appearance, verbally or any written communication, including School Loop, social media, or through any other messaging. Remember, too that public displays of affection are NOT allowed (kissing, hugging, holding hand etc.).

General Safety Rules

To keep our students safe, NO weapons or look-alikes (including any type of blade) are allowed on campus or in the possession of our students. Drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc.), alcohol, tobacco, vape pens or devices, are illegal and extremely dangerous for adolescents and therefore are prohibited from campus. Our students are therefore prohibited from being in possession of these items. At school we do not allow shoes with wheels, personal speakers for music, pornographic materials, permanent pens (like Sharpies), squirt guns, water balloons, shaving cream, explosives of any kind, paint, glass or aerosol containers, items that distract from learning, or gang affiliated items.

Remember that LeyVa Middle School will take action should there be a situation before school or after school. We want to now about anything that may be unsafe for our students from home to school and from school to home.

Safety Plan and Emergency Procedures

Our school has a comprehensive safety plan in compliance with Educational Code Section 32280. Additionally, we have an emergency plan in the event of an earthquake, fire, intruder on campus, etc. Drills are held for preparation in the event of an actual emergency. For more information about school emergencies and response can be found on our Emergency Guide page under Parent Resources.