LeyVa Leadership Newsletter 1/20/21

LeyVa Leadership Newsletter 1/20/21
Good morning Bulldogs! We have officially concluded the semester 1 spirit race and the final rankings are below. Congratulations to One Direction, Seoulmates, and The Dynamite for finishing in the top 3. Teachers will be contacted soon with prize winning details! We have some fantastic prizes lined up for you spirited Bulldogs!

The semester 2 spirit race will kick off in two weeks. The spirit race scoreboards will be wiped clean so everyone can have a fresh start. Will the top 3 reign supreme once again or will some other spirit classes be gunning for redemption?

Semester 1 Final Standings
1. Balistreri w/ Walczak's One Direction
2. Hollenkamp/Bakken/Praisewater's Seoulmates
3. Lam's The Dynamite

4. Guerrero/Hanano's Hieroglyphics
5. Hinds's Sugar Skulls
6. Zamora's The Swizzles
7. Wellington's Golden State Bulldogs
8. Ghione's Team Schnitzel
9. Davidson's The Cumbia Rythym
10.Guynn w/Cynthia Fuentes's The Pirates of the Carribean
11. Bravo w/ Pit's Kenya Land of Safaris
12. Warner's Hawks
13. Williams/Buswell w/ Rene't Juco's Vietnam Warriors
14. Van Fossen/ Spencer's The Aussies
15. Nguyen's Tropicana
16. Truong w/ Esme Herrera's Golden Peeps
17. Padilla's The Kobes
18. Pantoja's Gladiators
19. Guinnane's Baguette
20. Stull's Happy Monkeys
21. Gosalvez's Kunais
22. McKeown/Ash's Rushing Russians
23. Jones w/ Sue Escobar's Team Diamondhead
24. Rodigari w/ Mrs. Nguyen's The Big Apple
25. Perez's Merlions
26. Babb w/ Ms. Janean's Dubai's Finest
27. Diaz's Northern Lights

History Made Today at the Presidential Inauguration
Just minutes ago, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in a ceremony that kept with tradition while being unlike any other inauguration in U.S. history due to heightened security and the Covid-19 pandemic. Kamala Harris was also sworn in as Vice President. This Bay Area native was the first woman to be inaugurated as Vice President of our country. Harris was born to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, which also makes her the first person of color to serve in that position. As Joe Biden said in his speech today, "Today is a day of history and hope."

"While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities." -Vice President Elect Kamala Harris