Leadership Report 1/6/21

Happy new year Bulldogs! 2020 was interesting to say the least, but we certainly are hoping that 2021 will bring us back some of the things we've missed like in person school, gathering with loved ones, and playing and/or watching contact sports. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, but until we get there remember to continue to stay safe, have gratitude, and to think positively.

For this week's spirit day we are taking it back to the old school with a retro theme. Choose from the 70's, 80's, or 90's and dress to impress for that decade! Take for example a groovy peace, love, and happiness tie-dye shirt for the 70's, or a fresh trefoil Adidas jacket for the 80's, or some bomb baggy pants from the 90's. Be creative and have fun, there are so many retro styles and fashions to choose from over a span of 30 years!

Do you miss socializing with your friends and fellow bulldogs? If so, join in on the new Friday Noontime Activities. The first one will be MINECRAFT and will take place this Friday at lunch. Check your email for a link, instructions, and further information.