Leadership Report 01/13/21

1/13/21 LeyVa Leadership Newsletter

How's it going Bulldogs? We've finally made it to the last and final spirit week of this semester. Next week we will announce the semester 1 winners, so be sure to participate this week to give your team a fighting chance at one of the top 3 spots!

We are flipping the script this week for the final spirit day because Friday is BACKWARDS DAY! Wear your clothes backwards to earn spirit points! The day provides an opportunity to reverse our ways, our direction or simply our shirt. There are many ways to celebrate this fun day, so just let your imagination be your guide.

Friday is not only a spirit day, but it is also the day that you can join in on another noontime activity. Join your fellow bulldogs for a game of Scribble I.O. which is pretty much a game of virtual Pictionary. Links and more information will be emailed to you on Friday morning.