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In-Person Learning Information

Copy of letter sent to certified staff on April 18, 2021.

Dear Classified Staff:

Evergreen School District (ESD) and CSEA reached a tentative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Friday evening. The MOU focuses on our return to in-person learning that is beginning Monday, April 19. Staff will be expected to return to sites, as per the MOU, to welcome our students back to school after more than a year in distance learning. This MOU, in partnership with CSEA, establishes the working conditions and their effects for the remainder of this school year. Below are a few of the salient points of the MOU. (The full MOU will be provided once both parties have signed it.)

Set-Up & Professional Development:

  • Paraeducators who are assisting the classroom teacher in preparing their classroom before or after Distance Learning (DL) hours shall be paid hourly or overtime pay as applicable.
  • Paraeducators will be provided, upon request, the same or similar technology and supplemental supplies that are provided to certificated staff to safely and effectively conduct in person instructional support.
  • Paraeducators shall be compensated for their time at training, Professional Development meetings, and other meetings beyond their regular work day. Practice time will be embedded in professional development training
  • ELD assistants will get one day on-site to prepare their space and schedules prior to beginning 1:1 assessments.


  • All elementary and middle schools will follow a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in-person schedule, and the revised bell schedules will apply to students learning in-person and in distant learning. (Schedules are attached to this email)

Child Care

  • The district partners will provide childcare, through our district partner, to the extent possible, for the children of classified members who need it in order for members to provide in-person instructional support.
    • Classified members may send their children to our district partners for daycare at ESD sites and be reimbursed for the cost of the daycare. This is subject to availability and space.
    • Members will have access to leave under the terms of SB95.
    • Members who use licensed child care services from outside the district will be reimbursed up to $1,000 for one child and up to $1,500 per family per month, for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. A valid invoice that contains the guardian’s name, child’s name and date and/or receipt is required for reimbursement. A prorated amount will be applied for April depending on the start date of in-person instruction.

Special Education

  • A Special Education Safety Plan that addresses mask wearing and behavioral concerns will be followed (MOU, Appendix D).

Safety and Physical Distancing

  • The distance between classified member desks and student desks shall be at least 6 feet.
    • When measuring space for student placement at desks or tables, students will be spaced no less than 4 feet apart. Each classroom will be set up to maximize the amount of space between students.
    • When measuring placement for student desks, viable space must be considered.
    • After determining how many students will be on campus and where they will be placed physically, all individuals will be assigned an ingress and egress point for use when coming to and from school for in-person learning.
    • Before in-person instruction begins, a walk through will be conducted by an administrator, a nurse (if available), and a CSEA member using an agreed upon Site Checklist.
    • If walk throughs are conducted outside of school hours, classified staff involved in the walk-throughs shall receive the hourly OT rate.
    • CSEA leadership will receive a copy of the checklist signed by participants of the walk through, no later than one week after the site has opened for in-person instruction.
      After the initial walk through, if safety protocols are not being followed, the issue will be addressed immediately. If the issue is within the workspace of a classified member, other accommodations will be made for the class until the issue is rectified.
    • CSEA and District administration will conduct a follow-up walk-through prior to May 15th to ensure that safety protocols are in place and being followed.

Additional Resources

  • Additional resources have been authorized by the District for the purpose of supporting the return to in-person learning. Any classified member who is asked to perform additional duties related to this phase that takes them beyond their normal workday shall be paid their hourly or overtime pay as applicable.
  • All classified employees will attend a staff meeting, held by their supervisor, to go over reopening issues, including this provision to inform employees of the opportunity to work extra hours in support of the return to in-person learning. The staff meeting will be held at a time when all classified employees can be present.
  • Classified employees will have the opportunity to request extra hours, from their Supervisor, in order to support the return to in-person learning.
  • SDC Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten paraeducators who are returning will have their hours increased to the amount of hours the students are on campus.

We understand that this transition will require many adjustments, and also some stress. Please reach out to our Wellness Team or use the resources that are available on their website if you need assistance. We also know that you will be helping students through this transition and they will have stresses, as well. The Wellness Team recently posted an article to address this, Managing Student Stress When School Reopens, which provides some great tips and advice.

And always, if you have any questions, please contact me via email or by calling the HR department at 408-270-6816.. Thank you for supporting our students and working together to welcome them back to campus. We appreciate everyone for their extraordinary efforts this past year in taking care of our students and community during this challenging time.


Cesar Torrico
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Evergreen School District

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