Elective Pathways

LeyVa Middle School has two instructional choices – Bulldog Tech and now introducing Bulldog Pathways. A highlight of the Bulldog Pathways model is an extensive variety of linked elective pathways. The pathway allows students to go deeper into the content to enact a passion for learning and build upon each individual's strengths. It’s also a chance to try something new. Pathways are linked semester courses where students stay together for their electives in a cohort for the school year.

Please note: some pathways are by recommendation or are required based on performance or language proficiency.

Stem Pathway Icon

Science in Action and Computer Science

Symphonic Band Pathway Icon
Instrumental Music
Symphonic Band
Leadership Pathway Icon
Future Leaders
Leadership and Teacher/ Office Aid
*by recommendation only

Media Arts Pathway Icon

Media Arts
Current Events in Multimedia and Yearbook

Ceramics and Sculpture Pathway Icon

Ceramics and Sculpture
Beginning and Advanced Ceramics (Ceramics 1 and 2)

The Arts Pathway Icon

The Arts
Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Percussion, Choir
(Choose 2)

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Fine Arts
Beginning and Advanced Art
(Art 1 and 2)

Sports and Society Pathway Icon

Sports and Society
Team Sports and Fitness and Sports and History

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Language Development
Designated English Language Development
*placement based on language proficiency level

Pathway Descriptions

STEM Pathway (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Stem Pathways Icon

Science in Action

By using California’s Middle Schools Next Generation Science Standards, you will experience multi-dimensional learning. A focus will be the Science and Engineering Practices (SEP’s).

You will use design thinking and 21st Century Skills such as self direction, productivity, perseverance, viewing failure as an opportunity to learn, and using science/technology/engineering to apply hands-on learning with real-world tools in a creative space where you are free to invent!

You will also use critical thinking, inquiry & problem solving, and creativity through imagination and innovation.

Computer Science Discoveries

Develop foundational concepts and skills in computer science. You will learn how a computer works and consider how people use computers to solve problems. We will explore how to create your own technology that solves real-world problems that affect you. Build an understanding of computing concepts using both unplugged and plugged-in activities.

Media Arts Pathway

Media Arts Pathway Icon

Current Events in Multimedia

Current Events in a Multimedia World is a hands-on elective that gives you the opportunity to explore how multimedia applications are used in the real world. Study how technology and the Internet have changed the way that people share information and ideas while analyze contemporary problems resulting from these changes and collaborate to find solutions to these problems and share their ideas using 21st century technology skills.


You produce the school yearbook. This class would introduce, practice and strengthen skills such as public speaking, research, editing, creativity, and publishing. You will be part of page layout, color schemes, photography, captioning, and overall look of the publication.

Fine Arts Pathway

Fine Arts Pathway Icon

Beginning Art (Art 1)

Introduction to Visual Art (no prerequisite): Open to 7th and 8th grade students. Students will begin an exploration of the core fundamentals of Visual Art. Students will create thoughtful 2D and 3D creative work, integrating concepts such as form, texture, value, line, composition, color, as well as concept. Production activities may include drawing, painting, sketching, and assemblage.

Advanced Art (Art 2) (prerequisite: Art 1)

You will continue along your creative journey, incorporating fundamental elements of visual art taught in Art 1, while building skills with new mediums. Using the knowledge, skills, and responsible studio practice you have cultivated, you will be able to further develop you art. Higher-level thinking skills are challenged with design and composition projects that use a variety of drawing media, techniques and themes.

Instrumental Music Pathway

Instrumental Music Pathway Icon

Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is LeyVa’s woodwind, brass, and percussion performing ensemble. Develop a refined ability of their instruments based on a rigorous curriculum designed to hone performance skills. Through active participation in concerts, school functions, and various exciting activities, you can expect intensive training on your band instrument. There is no experience needed to take this course. Rental of an instrument is recommended. Select school instruments are available.

Ceramics and Sculpture Pathway

Ceramics and Sculpture Pathway Icon

Beginning Ceramics (Ceramics 1)

This elective will teach the fundamental methods of forming clay into a 3-dimensional art form. The basic techniques for hand building (pinch pot, slab construction, and coil construction) will be demonstrated. Emphasis will be placed on craftsmanship, creativity and application of the elements and principles of design. Definitions of materials and ceramic processes will be presented and a sketchbook will be maintained for research and planning.

Advanced Ceramics (Ceramics 2) (prerequisite - Ceramics 1)

This course follows and builds upon the skills learned in Ceramics 1. Focus will be on the construction of more complex pieces through creativity and problem solving. This class will introduce the additional challenge of the fundamentals of wheel throwing. A sketchbook will be maintained for research and planning.

Sports and Society Pathway

Sports and Society Pathways Icon

Team Sports and Fitness

Advanced training in specific team sports above what is covered in regular Physical Education classes. Individual skill improvement and team strategies will be covered. In addition, participate in a personal fitness unit that will encourage you to plan and practice a fit and healthy lifestyle -– health practices, nutrition and everyday stress management.

Sports and History

Sports history is not your typical history class. No dates to memorize, no tests to stress over, no social groups being under represented. Sports history is a class that examines the effects sports have on society at large. Not stats and game scores, but events that helped to change the way Americans and the world think about social issues like race, gender and politics. Many of the topics were very controversial in their time, and may still be today, but that is why they stopped being important to just sports, and started being important to all of society. Whether a sports fan or not, sports history covers events that have had a major impact on all of our lives and the way we live them today.

“The Arts” Pathway (Choice of 2)

The Arts Pathways Icon

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting is a two-dimensional art course that will explore a variety of dry and wet media such as graphite, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, markers, watercolors, tempera, and acrylic paints. Explore a variety of techniques to communicate themes and ideas in your work. Develop their drawing skills by working from both flat imaginary and real life objects. Study the historical background of drawing and painting; and, compare and contrast styles and genres of various artist. The scientific aspects of color theory and chemical composition of pigments, binders, and solvents will be explored. Creative problem solving skills related to composition will be developed.

Ceramics and Sculpture

Ceramics and Sculpture is a three-dimensional art course elective that will explore media such as a clay, plaster, wire, metal, and wood. Ceramic projects will involve modeling clay with pinching, coiling, and slab construction techniques. Surface decoration, glazing, and firing techniques will be explored in this course. Study historical and contemporary examples of sculptures from various cultures. The composition of clay and glaze compounds and the chemical reaction during the firing process will be investigated. Creative problem solving skills related to the concept of form will be emphasized.

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion ensemble encompasses a three-pronged approach to music. First, learn how to read music and develop beginning level technique on snare drum. Next, learn and perform in a STOMP ensemble. Typically, the ensemble is composed by the director. This is a great chance to perform in public! Lastly, focus earlier techniques and apply to traditional technique. There is no music experience necessary.


Choir emphasizes vocal techniques, music theory, and performance. Learn how to sing in a group and get performance opportunities throughout the semester. Make the singing experience exciting! The three-pronged curriculum includes: opening technique, music videos, and culminating concert. This has been a powerfully student-designed curriculum including repertoire and choreography. If you enjoy singing, join LeyVa's Choir!

Future Leaders Pathway *by recommendation only

Leadership Pathway Icon


Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Do you enjoy participating in school activities? Do you have school spirit? Do you want a voice in school decisions? If so, this is the class for you! Leadership is designed for students who want to organize and plan school activities such as dances, special assemblies, school-wide fundraisers, and athletic events. You will be required to work before school, during lunch, and after school. The goal of this class is for students to develop a vision and motivate other students to achieve the common goal of creating a better school culture and environment. In addition, you will have a lot of fun creating lasting memories and friendships. Be a part of keeping the spirit alive at LeyVa! Become a leader! Parent/guardian approval and a recommendation from a staff member (two staff recommendations for current 7th graders).

Teacher/Office Aid

Improve reading, writing and numeracy skills, and effective communication skills; increase the ability to build good relationships with other peers and staff; and develop excellent organizational skills, flexibility, and creativity. Parent/guardian approval and requires recommendation from your 6th grade teacher required. Current 7th grade students are required to have a teacher recommendation from a core subject and permission from the staff member you wish to assist.

Language Development Pathway *placement based on language proficiency level

Language Pathway Icon

Designated English Language Development

English Language Learner (ELL) students receive rigorous instruction in all aspects of English. Formal diagnostic tools are used to measure student strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly progress. Five specific English linguistic skills are addressed: grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, and oral expression. Within these categories instruction is also given in the sub-groups of literature, reading comprehension, usage, American idioms, and syntax. Additionally, informal instruction and assessments are made in conversation and pronunciation. The goal for each student is to make rapid English language acquisition possible through intensified direct instruction of grammar rules, vocabulary in context, and literary analysis. Students also have ample opportunities to establish and improve their writing skills while completing summary, persuasive, narrative, and response-to-literature essay assignments

Math Bridging Support *assigned by administration based on math performance

Math Pathway Icon

This class provides supports to students enrolled in Bridging Mathematics 7 and Bridging Mathematics 8. Strategies include smaller class size, simplified grade level standards, and built-in supports such as scaffolding, computer aided intervention, increased hands-on activities.The course seeks to provide a variety of options and alternative approaches that will appeal to all students in the course. The goal of this course is to significantly improve a student’s current understanding of mathematics

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