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In 2015, Quimby underwent a significant transformation. We started with a rebranding of our school and set our purpose: At Quimby, we empower young minds to be proactive, lifelong learners who think critically and communicate effectively. Evaluating student need, our school embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of two dynamic program choices for each and every student: Lobo Comprehensive Program (LCP) and Lobo School of Innovation (LSI).

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Our Lobo Comprehensive Program (LCP) is a CCSS and NGSS anchored program offering students rigorous and meaningful learning opportunities. LCP students have daily access to technology making digital learning rich and engaging. LCP uses a six period, traditional system approach. Each LCP student is offered two elective choices, PE, and four core courses that they rotate through during the day: Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Math and Science. The four core teachers, though responsible for the content planning and delivery of their subject matter, also operate as a collaborative team creating a support system for students. LCP has four teams and students are grouped on those teams during their time at Quimby Oak.

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Our Lobo School of Innovation (LSI) program is a wall to wall project-based, 1:1 digital learning environment partnered with the New Tech Network. LSI meets all CCSS and NGSS requirements through collaborative projects in all core courses. LSI implements block scheduling. Students rotate through three unique instructional blocks: a Language Arts / Social Studies and History combination, Math and Science. All courses are taught by a team of two expert teachers who maintain five learning outcomes for all students: knowledge & thinking, written communication, oral communication, collaboration and agency. LSI students are offered an elective choice and PE.

The chart below lists each team and the teachers by last name:

Team 10 Boyle, Herbert, Knecht, Wilbon
Team 100 Grassi, Menon, P. Nguyen, Peralta
Team 20 Bryan, Gupta, Hernandez, Louie
Team 200 Beher, Green, Lam, MacSween
LSI 7th Hiraki, Jaspal, Nomura, Rivas, Sutton, Trinidade
LSI 8th Blightman, Lam, Neiser, Robinson, Gingrich, Stracke

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