At Bulldog Tech we believe that middle school is the most pivotal time to instill the skills and mindsets that will boost learning through adulthood. By partnering with the New Tech Network, we ensure that our students will maximize their learning and readiness for high school, college, and career using a proven model. Hanging on the side of our school is an artistic representation of the model we use:

Curriculum that Engages
By engaging students through project-based learning, students become problem-solvers. Teachers design complex, authentic challenges that engage students, require them to demonstrate mastery of knowledge, and foster written and oral communication skills. They learn to manage projects as a leader and a team member and become very adept at collaboration and team skills.

Technology that Enables
Through a technology-rich environment, teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning. All students receive an iPad to use, along with laptops, printers, on a robust wireless campus. Echo, NTN’s online learning platform, supports project-based learning and features an innovative gradebook.

Culture that Empowers
By making learning relevant and creating a collaborative learning culture, students become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, teachers and peers. Each school promotes a culture of trust, respect and responsibility.

Student Outcomes that Matter

Learning outcomes measure knowledge and thinking, collaboration, written and oral communication, students’ responsibility for their own learning and their ability to create beautiful work through drafts, critique and improvement. Additional performance assessments at Bulldog Tech and personalization tools measure the knowledge and thinking of students to help them become proficient in producing higher level work.

Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes are now becoming an integral and necessary part of education in order to prepare students for high school, college and career. See how Bulldog Tech's outcomes, which are part of our assessment program, compare to the direction our Nation and school district going with their own outcomes.

Bulldog Tech's School-Wide Learning Outcomes Deeper Learning Competencies Evergreen School District's Profile of a Learner
Knowledge and Thinking Master Core Academic Content Innovator
Think Critically and Solve Complex Problems Critical Thinker
Collaboration Work Collaboratively Collaborator
Oral and Written Communication Communicate Effectively Communicator
Agency Learn How to Learn Learner
Aesthetics and Beautiful Work Develop Academic Mindsets Advocate

Student Skills

Other skills students learn as part of our model at Bulldog Tech:

  • Creativity
  • Project Management
  • Group Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Team Skills
  • Confidence
  • Advocacy
  • Learning how to learn
  • Empathy
  • Social Justice
  • Culture Building
  • Agency
  • Critical Thinking
  • Goal Setting

Student Activities

Activities we promote at Bulldog Tech

Students Playing Chess
  • PTSA
  • Lunch Clubs
  • Homework Club
  • Field Trips
  • Community Events
  • Ambassador Program
  • Job Shadowing
  • Internships
  • School Meetings
  • Student Appreciation
  • Do Something Projects
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Student Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Folkloric Dance Team
  • Asian Dance Team
  • Coding Club
  • Chess Team

Our Classes

Bulldog Tech has all integrated classes that are all taught by two teachers. We have longer blocks of instruction to facilitate Project Based Learning.

Bulldog Tech Class Offerings
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Watch: Project Based Learning Explained

Every student gets to use their own iPad for their classes at Bulldog Tech. The classrooms use technology just like they do in most workplaces. This gives our students the advantage of using original resources to develop their knowledge and thinking.

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