Elective Pathways

LeyVa Middle School has two instructional choices – Bulldog Tech and now introducing Bulldog Pathways. A highlight of the Bulldog Pathways model is an extensive variety of linked elective pathways. The pathway allows students to go deeper into the content to enact a passion for learning and build upon each individual's strengths. It’s also a chance to try something new. Pathways are linked semester courses where students stay together for their electives in a cohort for the school year.

Please note: some pathways are by recommendation or are required based on performance or language proficiency.

Media Arts: Current Events in Multimedia, Film Study Logos

Media Arts
Current Events in Multimedia
Film Study

Musical Arts: Motion and Sound Science, Percussion Ensemble Logos

Musical Arts
Motion and Sound Science
Percussion Ensemble

S.T.E.M.: Computer Sciences Discoveries, Science in Action Logos

Science in Action Computer Science Discoveries

Future Leader: Leadership, Teaching Assistant/Office Aid Logos

Future Leaders
Leadership and Teacher/ Office Aid
*by recommendation only


Instrumental Music Logo

Instrumental Music
Concert Band

Middle School Pathways Logo

Middle School Pathways
Required Course
All 7th Graders

Language Development Logo

Language Development
Designated English
Language Development
*placement based on language proficiency level

Pathway Descriptions