Sports Contract

This contract must be read and agreed to before a student can practice or compete with any Leyva Middle School after school sport. You and your child’s signature on our online registration form indicates you both will abide by these sports' rules of Leyva Middle School.

As a parent of a Leyva Middle School athlete, I/we understand the existence of potential dangers associated with athletic participation, including injuries ranging from minor muscle strains and sprains to more serious injuries to ligaments, bones and tendons as well as catastrophic injuries to the head, neck and spinal cord. We also understand it is our responsibility to carry adequate insurance coverage, and that Leyva is not responsible for the cost of medical care associated with such injuries.

As a parent of a Leyva Middle School athlete, I/we understand that it is the responsibility of the student athlete registered to return all equipment and uniforms in the condition they were received or pay the cost of replacement.

As an athlete at Leyva Middle School, I/we understand there is no guarantee of any amount of playing time. I agree to support the coach's decisions and show good sportsmanship to all opponents, officials, coaches, and fans of both schools.

As a parent of a Leyva Middle School athlete, I/we agree to support the coach's decisions. I will show good sportsmanship to all players, coaches, fans and officials of both schools.

As a parent of a Leyva Middle School athlete, I/we understand that transportation to and from off-campus games and practices is our sole responsibility as parent(s) unless required school transportation is provided.

As an athlete at Leyva Middle School, I agree to abide by all school policies as stated in the Student-Parent Handbook. Athletes at Leyva Middle School are expected to:

  • Demonstrate exemplary conduct on and off the field/court, in the classroom, and in any public place with our team.
  • Always represent my school and team in a positive manner.
  • Always respect the rights of my fellow teammates, coaches, and opponents
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA with no F’s.
  • Avoid behavior that would result in a referral and/or assigned consequence

Social Media Notice

Parents at school events on campus or in the community: To protect the privacy rights of our students, at no time should pictures or video of children, except your own, be posted to any website or social media without permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian. Checking the box next to Sports Contract on the online registration form indicates you understand the policies of the school and the athletic department, and agree to support them.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

According to current California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines, face mask requirements apply for settings including sports. Indoors, masks must be worn. Outdoors, vaccinated people are encouraged to wear masks during activities that involve sustained close contact including high-risk contact sports with other people who are not fully vaccinated. Outdoors masks may be removed temporarily during strenuous activity where the mask creates a potential choking hazard or the effectiveness of the mask may degrade (i.e. sweating through the mask).

Athlete and coaching staff safety are a priority. No spectators will be allowed for any indoor or outdoor events on Evergreen campuses. 

Indoor and Outdoor Youth Recreation and Extra Curricular Activities include ALL events and activities supervised by the school or district office that occur on ALL Evergreen School District campuses, whether or not they occur during school hours. This includes, but is not limited to sports, clubs or social gatherings.

These guidelines will be adjusted based on CDPH updates.

Parent Permission

The parent signature on the online registration form serves as your permission for the student named on the form to participate on Leyva Middle School athletic teams. Your signature acknowledges your awareness of the ever-present risk of athletic injury to your student athlete while participating in athletics. It also authorizes the health information of the student be disclosed to Leyva Middle School for the purposes of injury evaluation with respect to participation in athletics and activities sponsored by the school.

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